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The Most Common Reasons  for wanting Laser Tattoo Removal.

     Today getting quality body art is safer and more available than ever before. The regulations placed on the artists have taken away the major public health concerns once plaguing the tattoo industry.

     The price of easily obtainable tattoos often comes later in life  when the ideation behind the tattoo is no longer meaningful to the individual. Sometimes the person just doesn’t care for the tattoo any longer and wants it removed. Occasionally I see a patient who just received the tattoo a few days ago and it is not what they envisioned when they had it designed.


     Whether you are requesting laser tattoo removal for personal reasons, at a family members request, for a new beginning or just to make room for new art. “Dr. Undo Tattoo” at Messina Esthetic Medicine is here to help.

     Messina Esthetic Medicine uses only modern FDA approved Q-Switched lasers that can in most instances remove that unwanted tattoo.  Laser tattoo removal when done correctly takes time and patience. I always ask why do you want this tattoo removed and make sure that your mind is truly made up to remove the tattoo before we start.

     This is a brief list describing the most common reasons for laser tattoo removal :

     Where as all of these reasons are important it is equally important to understand that when you got the tattoo you wanted it to be a permanent memory of something significant in your life. The artist proudly placed it to last a life time so removing it, even with the best lasers will take time on order to deliver the outstanding results you expect with laser tattoo removal.

Pre-Wedding Laser Tattoo Removal

    . If you want to have a tattoo removed for a wedding make sure to leave enough time to have this performed and healed before your big day.

Unfortunately I often see a patient with either a neck or shoulder tattoo who wants it removed for a wedding that is only a few months away. Please..if you are planing to remove any tattoo for a wedding start at least  a year in advance.

     I often have someone request a specific part of a tattoo removed such as a gun, symbol or color. This can be easily accomplished with laser tattoo removal provided the ink is amenable to laser therapy. Unfortunately yellow is very resistant and white will not come out at all.

    The last reason accounts for at least 20% of my practice regarding laser tattoo removal, the TATTOO FADE.  

     Fading a tattoo is a fantastic means of decreasing your ink load in order to place a new tattoo over the old. It is a great treatment and only requires 3 to 4 treatments to get the desired results.

     I will speak with your artist about the specific areas to be faded and will also request that a photo be submitted and marked for the exact area to be faded.