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Laser Tattoo Removal

The Lasers Required for Proper Laser Tattoo Removal

I own 5 laser systems for tattoo removal

     When ever I have a new patient come to my office  in Commack Long Island, NY the first thing they take note of is the amount Laser Tattoo Removal equipment in the treatment room. Some is strictly for laser tattoo removal while other devices are geared to patient comfort,  significantly reducing your pain and discomfort.

     The tattoo ink when placed by a professional tattoo artist rests in the dermal layer of the skin deep from the surface. The use of deep is a relative  term in that by deep I mean less than 3 mm below the skin surface.

The ink rests in the fibroblast cells and a fine scar. Sensing the ink as a foreign object your immune cells are constantly attempting to remove the ink but are held back by the scar formation.

The laser required for laser tattoo removal must deliver the energy to the ink at the dermal layer with a force that shatters the ink into fine particles. The scar is fractured as well.

At this point the immune cells then take the tiny ink fragments to the lymphatic system and you notice a slow steady fading of your tattoo.

The Q-Switched laser is the best laser for Laser tattoo Removal. This specialized laser fires very rapidly and in ultra short bursts delivering the laser energy in short but very powerful packages.

Q-Switched Laser Facts

  1.  Q-Switched lasers are more expensive than other laser systems
  2.  Q-Switched lasers Deliver photo-acoustic trauma not photo-thermal trauma (they break the ink with sound not heat)
  3. Q-Switched lasers are excellent for removing pigments
  4. They shatter the scar by shattering the ink, thus they tend to leave the skin surface intact. LESS SCARING, BURNING AND PIGMENT CHANGES.


     In order to reach all colors there are 5 Types of Q-Switched lasers

     Although the Q_Switched laser is not typically a heat generating laser as seen in ones for laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation heat is sensed and developed. This heat can be quite uncomfortable so aside from the Q-Switched laser a cooling device is used along with the laser in my practice.

     I prefer an FDA approved medical device that can cool the skin surface down to -10 degrees Celsius in under 20 seconds. This level of cooling decreases the risk of developing a burn and significantly reducing any pain..

     Last the smoke evacuator to remove any debris and odor from the air.

Lasers For Tattoo Removal

Multicolored , Green Ink , Blue Ink Tattoos ?

No problem at Dr Undo Tattoo on Long Island NY

As a medical specialist performing laser tattoo removal I purchased 5 lasers all specifically designed for tattoo removal.

I am one if the few that has access not only to an Alexandrite laser but the Ruby which is unsurpassed for blue and green ink removal