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Spectra  Rejuvenation Procedures

     At Messina Esthetic Medicine  in addition to our laser tattoo removal programwe offer non invasive rejuvenation of the face, neck,chest and hands.  These procedures are comfortable, affordable and produce fantastic results with no downtime!

Full description can be seen by clicking the blue link  MessinaEstheticMedicine.com

The Carbon Spectra Laser Peel

     We are the only medical practice on long Island to offer the Spectra Laser Peel. A Carbon Laser peel developed in Asia. This lunchtime laser peel leaves the skin refreshed and healthy. Spectra carbon lotion is applied to the treatment area, allowed to dry then laser off with a patented “quasi-long” pulse laser that only lutronic offers. The carbon cleanses the pores and refreshes the skin while the laser shrinks sebaceous glands and stimulates collagen. Currently the rage in Asia and growing in the West Coast the Spectra Peel offers:

Advanced Acne Treatments with Laser therapy

     Messina Esthetic Medicine is proud to be the only practice on Long Island offering the Carbon Spectra Laser Peel that targets all skin level causes  forms of Acne at one time..

     Acne can affect both teens and adults. Acne remains one of the most common and bothersome dermatological conditions , it is estimated that 30% of adults suffer from Acne at some point in their adult life. My laser treatment protocol attacks acne by altering all of its causes. Sebum production, inflammation, infection, and altered corneal proliferation. The combination Acne suppressing medication and specific laser treatments over time results in significant reduction in all forms of Acne.

The Lutronic 532

     This laser peel is excellent for removing “age spots”  and freckles from the face, neck, chest and hands. Results can be seen after just one treatment. Hand rejuvenation is the forgotten zone and the first area to give away our age!

     Loose those freckles and age spots also known as solar lentiges in one to two treatments without medication or balms.

 This laser peel however is not for everybody, the safest and best results are on the light skin individuals.

The Soft Peel

      A perfect laser peel is for those individuals who desire to have all the benefits of a full Spectra Peel but have very sensitive or dark skin. I alter  the laser parameters and solutions used so persons with darker skin types can reap all the excellent benefits of the Spectra Peel.

Laser Therapy for Melasma control

    The development of blotchy brown pigments over the face and occasionally nose may be due to a condition known as Melasma an abnormal deposit of melanin pigment.

     Melasma is commonly seen in pregnant women, women of birth control, and persons with darker skin tones. The Asian population is very prone to developing Melasma.


      Melasma is a benign condition but unfortunately is disfiguring leading to emotional hardship and eroding the esteem of its sufferers.  Melasma is difficult to treat but my Q-switched lasers specifically target the melanin causing these discolorations.   


. I follow a 3 step process for melasma control:

  1. Medication to decrease melanin formation
  2. Specific Q-Switched Laser therapy directed at eradication of the excess melanin
  3. Strict sun avoidance and particulate sun block of at least 30spf