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In the past few years lasers firing in the picosecond range have come to be commercially available. The technology is not new , picosecond lasers have been utilized for over a decade it is only recently we see them in compact boxes.

The initial belief was that a laser firing in picoseconds a degree of 100x faster than the traditional Q -Switched lasers would trim the ink into smaller particles  like a fine chisel vs sledgehammer thus making it easier for the immune system to remove the ink from your dermis and carry it off to the lymphatic.

Where this may be true the significance is not recognized clinically meaning the removal process is not  faster than with our gold standard Q - Switched lasers and thus the hope for speedy removal of your tattoo dashed.

This rapid removal is the entire basis for pushing the pico systems and there is no credible evidence that less treatments are required. The average tattoo is still requiring an average of 12 sessions.

I hear patients repeat what was told to them in other practices and often these statements are not factual. I will explain why I do not believe in the picosecond technology.

After shattering the ink with a photo acoustic laser the small fragments are picked up by your macrophage cells, they are carrying to their full capacity thus if  they are carrying a boulder of ink or a pail of sand they are already at capacity thus the speed or ink loss is not changed.

It requires multiple wavelengths of light to remove all colors. That is exactly why I use 5 different  lasers. There is no  one wavelength that can remove all colors.

Patients are told the Q Switched Lasers are more likely to burn and scar your skin and is 20 year old technology.

The fact is this technology is 56 years old and has a long track record of tattoo removal results. Scars and burns are from the competence of the operator.

Picosecond lasers are  the only photo acoustic laser. = Wrong !

That is absolutely wrong, Q switched lasers fire in nanoseconds any laser firing in nanoseconds or faster are photo acoustic by definition.

( What is meant by photo acoustic is the way the laser interacts with the target. Photo thermal is used often in laser hair removal where the laser beam is I the follicle for several milliseconds generating the heat required to kill the follicle, photo acoustic means the laser hits the target very rapidly and has little time to transfer heat thus the sound emitted fractures the ink )

Photo acoustic is the gold standard for tattoo removal  

The bottom line is the cost of the pico lasers range from $250,000 to $350,000 and are incapable of removing every color. This cost is thus transferred to you the patient and I can not in good conscious offer something at greater cost that really does not change your outcome for the better.

Laser Tattoo Removal

The Lasers Required for Proper Laser Tattoo Removal

        In order to reach all colors there are 5 Types of Q-Switched lasers

Picosecond Laser tattoo removal

Why Don't We Use Them At Dr Undo Tattoo?

As a medical specialist performing laser tattoo removal I purchased 5 lasers all specifically designed for tattoo removal.