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What is the cost of Laser Tattoo Removal

NY and Long Island ?

Dr. Undo Tattoo we do not compete

We teach.

    I will laser off any tattoo marking that was used for radiation markers provided the patients oncologist approves free of cost.

If you made a wrong decision in getting the tattoo don't make a worse decision I choosing who you have remove your tattoo

     The first and most common question asked of just about every patient that calls me is what is the price or cost of laser tattoo removal ?

In general the cost of laser tattoo removal starts at $200/session and varies depending on the level of difficulty in removing the ink as well as the colors involved.

I ensure my patients the best laser tattoo removal services by constantly continuing my medical education via conferences and publications but that is only part of the process. The quality of my lasers is also extremely important. I have and use 5 different lasers for tattoo removal depending on the colors involved. These are all FDA approved and the cost of this level of laser exceeded one quarter of a million dollars.

I do not compete with the practice down the street because of my expertise but also because I own and maintain each and every laser assuring me that every patient is receiving the best of care.

Groupon / Living Social :

Why would a spa or medical office offer a groupon offering a procedure at half price and agreeing to split that with groupon?

Why would someone accept one fourth of their customary price?

The  answer is they are starving for patients or clients, they do not have the volume or credibility and require these deep discounts to entice people.

I pride my practice on quality care coupled with quality lasers which are costly to purchase and properly maintain.

Groupon/ Social Deals….never in my practice,

 during the past 30 years and not in the future.

Basement shopping is great when looking for a coat not for medical care.

Deep discount tickets are not fair to my regular patients or to myself so you will never find a Groupon at Dr Undo Tattoo or Messina Esthetic.


Packages are offered and can significantly lower the cost of your tattoo removal. However did yo know that people who use packages are 35% more likely to finish their tattoo removal process.

I offer half packages and full packages.

     I simply can not give any accurate or reasonable estimate of cost for your laser tattoo removal without a direct examination.



     I offer the best value in Laser Tattoo Removal.


  People do not appreciate the medical nature of laser tattoo removal and the aftercare that is required in order for you to have a safe treatment and great outcome.

Dr. Messina began his laser tattoo removal practice long before it was a common treatment.

The development of some of our current laser settings were developed by Dr. Messina in his Commack Long Island office.

Every one of your treatments are performed by Dr. Messina which gives you a quality and continuity of care not found anywhere.


     Does the local “medi-spa” with a “supervising Doctor” offer this type of quality care: absolutely not!


I am a proud physician, not a salesman. I perform the medical procedure  requested provided there are no contraindications and that's all.

No pressure no gimmicks to buy.

If you are looking for marble floors and Greek urns in the corner then you at the wrong practice.
If you want your tattoo removed by a physician who specializes in tattoo removal then you are at the right place.

    I have spoken to thousands of persons with tattoos and they all sought out who they thought was the best tattoo artist for what art they had in mind. It is important that you seek out the best person to remove you unwanted tattoos with the same resolve. You want and deserve the best care, period.

     Of course variances  are made made for very large tattoos for laser tattoo removal.