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The Perfect Complement after Laser Tattoo Removal is Rejuvenation with Botox Injections

     Dr. Messina of Messina Esthetic Medicine lectures in the proper use of Botox since 1991 and participates as an instructor regarding Botox Injections for physician’s continuing education courses in New York City.


     Botox injections  are a very safe, simple and affordable means of rejuvenation and age-control in men as well as women.

Botox injections have been used for medical treatments since the late 1950’s. In the early 1990’s Botox  had a resurgence when it was discovered that its ability to cause temporary muscle relaxation rendered it part of a treatment plan for muscle spasm post stroke. In the past ten years the use of Botox  has reached unprecedented records when it was discovered using very small doses of “Botox cosmetic” in specific facial areas relaxed the small muscles between our brows, forehead and lateral eye. Resulting in a resolution of associated facial creases.

     Botox injections are extensively utilized in smoothing out the “eleven” lines between the eyebrows by injecting the Glabellar musculature and the corrugators. Careful injection in the brow and forehead will smooth out the horizontal wrinkles and very carefully placed doses will smoothen “crows feet”.

Unlike the movies where someone gets a Botox injection and comes home frozen, modern administration focuses on a natural look with some motion in the eyebrow and superior forehead. Furthermore, you will not notice any effect from your injection until at least 48 hours and most of the time around day six.

     The results from a single Botox injection can last for up to four months.

After your Botox injection  you will notice the lines created by the contracture from facial muscles will be markedly improved. Overtime with repeated Botox injections collagen will work to increase the smoothness. It is noted that patients begin to require less Botox as time goes on and the musculature temporally weakens and and those annoying lines disappear. Unfortunately this effect dosent last forever, most persons will require another Botox injection in 3 months.

      Botox injections will not improve the lines and wrinkles from severe. sun damage. Other treatments such as laser resurfacing and chemical peels are more suited to correct damage from the sun.

Botox Injections

     Botox is not for everyone, persons who are pregnant,allergic to Botox, have infection in the area, suffer from a chronic neuromuscular disease or developed Gillian barre are not candidates for Botox.

     BOTOX® Injection for sweating (Hyperhydrosis) - Eliminate Armpit sweating Today!

For the past 5 years, it has also been recognized that BOTOX® can dramatically reduce excessive sweating HYPERHYDROSIS. If injected under the arms, it can often reduce sweating completely. People usually request re-injecting 6 - 9 months later, even though only some of the sweating has returned. If you have sweaty armpits or want to reduce your armpit sweating we can help you. I apply a topical anesthetic prior to injecting Botox for a virtually painless procedure.

     BOTOX® Injection for Migraine and Tension Headaches
BOTOX® is extremely effective in treating migraine and tension headaches. Clinical studies are now being performed using BOTOX® for treating migraine headaches. The duration of action of BOTOX® migraine prevention varies from about 10 to 13 weeks. Like other migraine preventives, the onset of effect may take a few weeks.

     Imported Botox or Canadian Botox it may cost less but it also may not be the same. I use only  Genuine Allergan product from the United States shipped to me directly from Allergan or my Allergan representative.

How to avoid bogus botox and avoid disaster...