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 I use the best Lasers for the fastest and safest laser tattoo removal possible.

Frequently Asked Questions Laser Tattoo Removal

What color is the easiest to remove with Laser Tattoo Removal?


   Black  is the EASIEST to remove Red is very close.

   Green and some Blues a bit harder to remove but I use a Q Ruby for them making

                                        Dr. Undo Tattoo an exclusive multi color removal site.

   Yellow is very difficult.

   White reflects all wavelengths of light and therefore will not be removed by laser tattoo    removal.

Where does the ink go?  I didn’t, see any ink coming out!

  1. Tattoo ink placed by a professional sits in the dermal layer of  the skin. My Q-switched lasers deliver their energy specifically to this depth so the skin surface is intact.
  2. Tattoo ink is held in place by fibrous scar and fibroblast cells in the dermis.
  3. The immune system wants to attack this ink which is considered foreign but can not get to it.
  4. The Q-switched laser breaks up the scar and shatters the ink into tiny particles.
  5. The immune system now can take away the ink particles.
  6. The laser disrupts deeper into the skin as opposed to the surface, the immune system carrying off the ink causes the tattoo to fade. Most patients believe they will see the ink come out of the skin surface.

     A non Q-switched laser will not fracture the ink and scar but merely cause burning or blistering with the ink coming to the skin surface instead of being removed by the macrophages.

     I do not care what type of laser someone tells you they are using if it is not a special Q-switched laser you will most likely receive a scar and or burn.

     The Q switch is also fantastic for non-malignant pigmented lesion removal such as “age spots”.

Laser tattoo Removal for multiple colors in one session?

     Unless the tattoo is extremely large it can be done in a single session. I start with the black ink followed by red and work on each individual color separately. The greens and yellows are the hardest to remove and may require more sessions. The amount of treatments required for complete tattoo removal varies with every patient. The average however ranges from 7 to 10 treatments not less than 6 weeks apart. Occasionally it can take up to 20 treatments. Unfortunately, in some instances we can not get any better than 80% clearance. Occasionally a tattoo will not respond at all, the newer “fluorescent” tattoo inks fall into this category.

Homemade tattoos tend to be the easiest to remove and often gone in 1-3 sessions!

What if I miss a treatment?

     Unlike other laser therapies such a hair removal where results depend on repeated monthly treatments interrupting a growth cycle. Laser tattoo removal is not affected by  longer intervals between treatments. In some instances I find that by waiting between 6 and 8 weeks you can have better clearing with less total treatments.

How long does laser tattoo removal take?  Does it hurt?